Author Ludwig Bauer
Title Great Love of Don Juan and Balkan's Small War
Language Croatian
Year published 2002.
ISBN 953-6463-51-2
Format PDF
Price 40,00 kn (+PDV 25%)
Pages 271
# Description

Ludwig Bauer writes incredible narratives in which passion, love, suffering, injustice, fear, and care for one’s own people and for others all intertwine. At a time when all values - fictional, state, political, ideological, family and individual - collapse, on the brink of the most recent war, we encounter an individual who is not without resources, yet who cannot save himself from that which he most cares about. The fate of our hero - regardless of his attempts at preserving his privacy and integrity through acts of care and love towards his nearest and dearest, in an unaccepting environment - slowly but inevitably leads to an accidental, though narratively motivated end. The novel abounds with tragic dynamism, sweetness, beauty - and patriotism.

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