Number Vol. XXII, No. 64
Title Croatian Journal of Philosophy
Language English
Year published 2022-1
ISSN 1333-1108 (Print)
1847-6139 (Online)
Format Croatian journal of philosophy (Online)
Croat. j. philos. (Online)
Price 40,00 eur (pb, pdf)
Pages 146
# Description

DANIEL MARIO WEGER: Is Representationalism Committed to Colour Physicalism? | JOBY VARGHESE: Epistemic Priority or Aims of Research? A Critique of Lexical Priority of Truth in Regulatory Science | SANDY C. BOUCHER: Cladism, Monophyly and Natural Kinds | PAVEL ARAZIM: Identity of Dynamic Meanings | SINEM ELKATIP HATIPOGLU: Empty Higher Order States in Higher Order Theories of Consciousness | BOJAN BORSTNER and NIKO ŠETAR: Non-Stupidity Condition and Pragmatics in Artificial Intelligence | JAN HEYLEN and LEON HORSTEN: Strict conditionals: Replies to Lowe and Tsai
MATKO GJURAŠIN: John Perry, Frege’s Detour: An Essay on Meaning, Reference, and Truth

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